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Our strongest weapon against skin aging is your biggest retail opportunity




Switch from Clini File to Master File

As a former Clinifile user , this blog will guide you in choosing the right Master File to suit all your filing needs. ...

By Nathalie Gassion


Step by step using colourgel with powder STAMPING - 2 looks

By Sandrine Roelants


Step by step using sopolish with ART STAMPING & NAIL FOIL technique


In this series we deal with the most commonly occurring and slightly painful nail problems that can sometimes be a real eyesore. But that doesn’t present a problem for nail stylists like you.


What is the most important tool a nail stylist needs? A great file! Therefore we are happy to present you our NEW Master Files! For a professional nail technician, it’s really important your file...


On no other day are nails a greater focus of attention than on a woman’s wedding day. When the bride holds her bridal bouquet, when her betrothed looks into her eyes and slips the wedding ring on her...


Do you have customers with brittle nails, rough cuticles or dry skin around the nails?


Nail polish, gel nails or something in between?

There are a number of different ways to turn nails into beautiful jewels. You can create gel nails that also strengthen the natural nails...


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